Benefits Cost Calculator for Leaves of Absence

This form will allow you to determine the cost to you to maintain your benefits during a leave. Please select the benefits you currently have and would like to keep during your leave. Uncheck those you do not wish to keep.

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*Medical Services Plan is mandatory by law in British Columbia - if you decline to maintain the premiums through UBC, the Medical Services Plan will send you requests for payment

**If you choose to maintain any or all of these items you must also make the monthly premium payment for your Basic Group Life Insurance. If you elect not to maintain any of these and then later wish to rejoin, you will need to re-apply for coverage, submitting a health questionnaire and a medical examination may be necessary at your own expense.

***If you elect not to maintain IRP and then later wish to rejoin, you won't be required to re-apply for IRP, but there will be a one-year waiting period after you return to work before you are eligible for this benefit if you are a staff member. For faculty members and those who are enrolled in the faculty IRP, you are eligible for this benefit the date you return to work from leave.